Saturday, at 5:30 pm, for our Meritage Worship Service—Meritage means “blended”.

Five-thirty on a Saturday night is the perfect time to attend worship. Our Meritage service is late enough in the day for you to do all you want to do on a Saturday morning or afternoon, and at the same time, early enough to still have the entire evening at your disposal—or both!  And then on Sunday morning you can sleep in with no regrets!

The word ‘Meritage’ originally was coined as a wine term designating a blend of varietal grapes, such as a cabernet sauvignon with a Malbec.  At Holy Cross, Meritage is where the traditions of yesterday and today blend to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth!  Meritage is informal, intimate, inclusive, and engaging.  Pop the cork and give it try.

Sunday, at 10:00 am, for our traditional Lutheran Divine Service

For someone new to liturgical worship, it can seem foreign, out of date, confusing, and even boring.  But like anything that is new, with time and patience, this style of worship will grow on you and you will find yourself humming away or singing the various parts of the liturgy.  Then you’ll know you’re hooked!

We call it the Divine Service because in it the Divine – that is God Almighty – comes to us in his Word to forgive us, teach us, and bless us.  In turn we, in faith and trust, come to the Divine, our creator and redeemer, to praise him for his blessings to us; cast our cares upon him and seek his grace, mercy, healing, power, and strength for our daily lives.

The Divine Service isn’t for couch/ pew potatoes or those who want to be spectators; it is participation and interaction at its best!  We sing; we stand and sit; we pray, praise, and give thanks; we confess and profess; we listen and learn; we commune with God and one another; we feel a sense of connection with the Church that has gone before us and with the Church triumphant in heaven. The Divine Service is, well, what church should be!

Bible Study and Sunday School at 9:00 am

Available at services are:

  • pocket sound aids for the hearing impaired
  • regular size and large print bulletins
  • children’s bulletins

Worship services are projected onto screens at the front of the church.

First-time guests are invited to visit the Welcome Center in the Narthex and pick up your free welcome gift.

For Children during Worship
We offer Little Lamb Activity bags for children of all ages.  These bags include books, crayons, coloring pages, stickers and other activities.  We also have a “cry room” located in our Library (just off the sitting area in the Narthex) for parents with babies and toddlers.  It is equipped with rocking chairs and a crib.